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” In 2020, there are about 2,800+ billionaires, 290,000 UHNWs and 15,000+ family offices worldwide.  Billionaires and UHNWs setup family offices, with assets ranging from $300 million to $3 billion, and some with more than $10 billion assets.  Newer family offices are also setting up family offices with $20 million to $100 million.   “

The 2023 Family Office Summit – October in Hong Kong / November in Singapore

Join 100 + family offices & family office professionals. How do you navigate your family office? How do you manage $30 million, $300 million or $3 billion? Hear from family office experts and build new connections with single family offices and family office professionals. Join as delegate, speaker or sponsor.


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Able to choose more than 1
Able to choose more than 1

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The 2023 Family Office Summit
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