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Family Office Circle | Networking & Roundtable

Join family offices in monthly networking & roundtables

Join Family Offices, Family Office Professionals and Investment Managers.  The networking & roundtables are held virtually every month.  Save time on travelling, booking hotel and flights.  Learn, exchange and network with family offices and family office professionals.  We maintain a ratio of pure single family offices, family office professionals and investment managers. For in-person event, build a new connection & business associate.

Upcoming Session: Tuesday 5 pm (HK/SG Time)

Informal Agenda:
1. FO Introduction (Voluntary)
2. Ideas, Sharing, Exchange, Collaboration
3. Deals & Investments Showcase
4. Family Office Services Showcase
5. Networking

Join Family Office Circle
– Single Family Office (Complimentary)
– Individual Membership
– Corporate Membership
– Sponsorship Available

Upcoming Family Office Program
– Family Office Networking & Roundtable (Monthly)
– 2023 Family Office Summit – April
– 2023 Family Office Summit – November



Please note we maintain the attendee ratio of at least 70% reserved for single family offices for SFO event.
Note: The Family Office Circle brings together trusted family offices and family office professionals worldwide to network, exchange and collaborate, in managing assets in Asia and vice-versa. Members and attendees are expected to respect the privacy of individuals and family offices in the circle, and to attend and present as declared personal profile, so as to declare or avoid conflict of interest and eliminate unnecessary & unintended incidents.

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The Family Office Circle
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