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Do you know, there are around 2,800 billionaires, 290,000 UHNWs and 15,000 family offices in the world.
Learn how what billionaires like Lenovo founder Liu Chuan Zhi, Jack Ma and the Rockefeller Family had done in the family office space

Financial Professionals

2,800 billionaires
290,000 UHNWs
15,000 family offices

Family Office
Multi-Family Office

The 2021 Family Office Series

Family Office in a Changing World
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6 Weeks Coverage | 19th Oct 2021 – 26th Nov 2021

How do you navigate your family office?

The 2021 Family Office Series is a 6 weeks special coverage on family office and multi-family office in Asia.  Hear from leading family office experts, institutes, private banks, family offices and many more.

Learn about the landscape of family office, growing billionaires, UHNWs & new family offices, trends & impact of China & Chinese family offices, impact of government policies, tax, legal and risks. Get exclusive insights on managing family office, managing assets & investments for family offices, building & strengthening a family office. And find out more on how to navigate family office in a changing world.
The COVID-19 pandemic had severely tested and strained family offices, investments and core businesses for some family offices.  Some family offices’ asset value have declined sharply and succession plans are in jeopardy.  Some family offices have done well during the crisis, and with the new wealth that will soon setup new family offices or investment companies to manage their fast-growing tens of millions, hundreds of millions or billions of new assets.
For family offices, new billionaires and UHNWs, managing wealth & assets in a changing world is no longer a smooth sailing and predictable journey.  What should family office do?  How do family offices navigate in a changing world?
Agenda / Topics

A) 2021 Landscape of family office

  • Overview & trends in family office
  • Growing billionaires, UHNWs and new family offices
  • Trends & impact of China & Chinese family offices
  • Impact of Government Policies, Tax, Legal & Risks

B) Managing family office

  • SFO, MFO & Private Investment Co.
  • Managing Assets & Investments for family offices
  • Building & Strengthening a family office

C) Navigating family office in a changing world

  • Challenges for a family office
  • Opportunities for a family office
  • Common issues in a family office
  • Impact of family office on economy & society
  • What’s new for family office


  • Single Family Offices
  • Multi-Family Offices
  • Family Office Professionals


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Breaking News

Jack Ma & shareholders of Alibaba started Multi-Family Office – DC Wealth

Family office of oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller form Multi-family office – Rockefeller Capital Management

Lenovo founder Liu Chuan Zhi bought European Private Bank BIL for $1.76 billion

The 2020 Family Office Series – Highlights

Family Office – Special Interviews

Dixon Wong, Head of Financial Services at InvestHK

” Better to ask the way than to go astray “

Shantini, Southeast Asia Tax Leader at Deloitte Private

” It is quite common for tax authorities to raise queries “

Sylvene Fong, Partner & Head of Private Enterprise HK
Jackey Tse, Director of Family Consulting & Family Enterprise

” A good family office should help to prevent disputes or issues from happening “

” Try to fix things when in good times “

Cem A. Azak, Executive Chairman of Crossinvest (Asia)

” Unique investment opportunities as good assets are undervalued “

Richard Grasby, Founder of RDG Fiduciary

” Do a family office properly, or don’t “

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