The ESG & Sustainable Investment Summit 2021

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The ESG & Sustainable Investment Summit 2021

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ESG & Sustainable Investments
For a better future with better returns

Investing for a better world

16th & 17th June 2021 | Virtual Conference

The ESG / Sustainable Investment Summit 2021 will take place as a virtual conference / webinar in June 2021.  Join leading investment managers and experts in ESG and Sustainable Investments.

How do you invest for a better world?

The Importance of ESG & Sustainable Investments

The world is emphasising the importance of ESG, Sustainable Investments, Responsible Investing and Impact Investing to tackle challenges planet earth is facing such as climate change, rising water-level, flood, pollution, waste, green energy, renewables, natural resource management, human rights, bribery, corruption, health, safety, corporate governance and shareholder protection.

Individuals like yourself have grouped together – recognising the risks and damages to earth, the way people live and work, and the importance of building economies and societies in a more sustainable and human way.

ESG & Sustainable Investment Market Size

The market size for ESG & Sustainable Investment is also growing with International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) reporting $2.1 trillion Assets under Management (AUM) for impact investing in private markets, with $505 billion clearly measured for its impact (development impact and financial returns) in its 2020 Growing Impact Report. In the 10th edition of the 2020 Annual Impact Investor Survey, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) finds the $715 billion impact investing market maturing, even amid the worldwide pandemic.

There are many leading global think-tanks, financial institutions, investment managers, groups and individuals driving ESG & Sustainable Investments and related initiatives including United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, IFC Operating Principles for Impacting Management, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSGII). The latest being the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance for institutional investors to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

How do you invest for a better future?

If you are an institutional investor, investment banker, private banker, financial advisor or private investor, should you invest for a better future?  How much should you invest?  What is your portfolio allocation strategy?  Should you invest in private markets or public markets?  When should you invest?  Will your investments generate better returns?  Should you invest in an electric car company?  Should you drive an electric car?  Is this considered sustainable investment?

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Opening Session and 2 Sessions.

  • Opening Session – Open to all
  • Session 1 – For Institutional Investors / For Intermediaries 
  • Session 2 – For Private Investors

Key Agenda

  • Landscape / Overview of ESG & Sustainable Investments
  • Key Initiatives, Key Dates
  • On Returns, Risks, Durations
  • On Investment Opportunities
  • On US, Europe, China, Emerging Markets

1) Opening Session:

  • Landscape / Overview of ESG & Sustainable Investments
  • What is ESG & Sustainable Investment? Why is it growing?
  • What are the key initiatives?  What are the key dates?
  • What is the difference between ESG and Sustainable Investment?
  • Will ESG & Sustainable Investment drive better returns?  Alpha, Outperformance? 
  • Who are taking the leading roles? What are the challenges?

2) For Session 1 & 2:

On Returns, Risks, Durations

  • Can ESG & Sustainable investment generate returns?  Will you lose money?
  • Can you generate outperformance, alpha?
  • What asset classes and instruments are available?  
  • What is the market size? Is there liquidity?
  • What are the benchmark, tracking tools available?
  • Are government policies aligned and are there incentives in place?
  • Are you too early?  Should you be early?

On Investment Opportunities

  • Asset Class, Products Available
  • Private Markets vs Public Markets

On US, Europe, China, Emerging Markets

  • What are US, Europe, China, Emerging Markets doing?
  • Are they going the same path, or in different directions?


For Institutional Investors

Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds, Insurers, Asset Management, Fund Management, Foundation, Endowment, Charities, Private Equity, Venture Capital

For Intermediaries

Banks, Private Banks, Private Wealth Management, Multi-Family Offices, Family Offices Corporate Banks, Institutional Banks, Investment Banks, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds

For Private Investors

Professional Investors, Accredited Investors, Private Investors (UHNWS, HNWs)

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2021 Calendar

  • The ESG / Sustainable Investment Summit 2021
  • The Capital Markets Summit 2021
  • The Investment Summit 2021
  • The Private Wealth Summit 2021
  • The Family Office Summit 2021
  • The CEO & Entrepreneur Summit 2021

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2021 Investment Outlook

James Cheo, CIO (SEA) at HSBC Private Bank | View

” Capital is going to flow into asset classes that provide growth and income “


Tuan Huynh, CIO (Europe & Asia) at Deutsche Private Bank | View

” Invest in key themes that will play an increasing role in long-term global development “


Cameron Systermans, Portfolio Manager at Mercer | View

” Positive outlook on risk assets over the next 1-3 years “

” Better to ask the way than to go astray “

Dixon Wong, Head of Financial Services at InvestHK

” It is quite common for tax authorities to raise queries “

Shantini, Southeast Asia Tax Leader at Deloitte Private

” A good family office should help to prevent disputes or issues from happening “

Sylvene Fong, Partner & Head of Private Enterprise HK at KPMG China

” Try to fix things when in good times “

Jackey Tse, Director of Family Consulting & Family Enterprise at KPMG China

” Unique investment opportunities as good assets are undervalued “

Cem A. Azak, Executive Chairman of Crossinvest (Asia)

” Do a family office properly, or don’t “

Richard Grasby, Founder of RDG Fiduciary

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