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    Why Caproasia Access?
    Financial professionals are spending most of their time managing assets & advising clients.  They have little time to find high quality & credible information, data, products, solutions & services.   With Caproasia Access, financial professionals gain access to high quality & credible information, data, products, solutions & services.

    The Caproasia Advantage | Advantage for financial professionals

    Who are the users? Who sign up for Caproasia Access?
    Financial professionals who manage assets or advise clients.

    They are in Banking, Private Banking, Private Wealth Management, External Asset Management, Multi-Family Office, Single Family Office, Boutique Advisory, Independent FA, Insurance, Fund Management, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Brokerage and more

    They are Private Bankers, Private Wealth Managers, Priority Bankers, Personal Bankers, Relationship Managers, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, External Asset Managers, Family Office Advisors, Investment Advisors, Treasury Specialists, Insurance Specialists, Wealth Specialists, Estate Specialists, Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, Investment Bankers, Private Equity Specialists, Chief Investment Officers, Chief Economists, Team Leaders, Desk Heads, Market Heads, Product Heads, Head of Wealth and more … …

    Can anyone sign up for Caproasia Access?
    No. Caproasia Access is only for financial professionals who directly or indirectly manage assets or advise clients.  Except for Professors & Students.

    Can I get my financial institution to sign up for everyone?
    No.  If all financial professionals gain access to the same product and information, you will no longer have a distinct advantage. Access to Caproasia exclusive products typically have institutional & geographical limits.

    Can I sign up if I manage $120 million of my personal assets?
    If you are managing as an individual, you are not able to sign up.  Caproasia Access is only for financial professionals, as the solutions are built to help them to manage assets or advise clients.  However, if your assets are managed in a regulated investment vehicle or family office, you will be able to sign up for Caproasia Access.

    I am quitting the industry, can I still retain my access?
    Your access will remain for a period of 6 – 18 months, where our verification process will require you to update your particulars to determine your eligibility (if you are directly or indirectly managing assets or advising clients)

    Why is access exclusive to financial professionals?
    Managing assets & advising clients in the financial industry is a regulated activity in most countries.  Financial professionals carry a heavy economic & social responsibility.  Non-financial professionals are likely not able to interpret our solutions, or may mis-interpret our solutions.

    What is Caproasia Access?
    Singular access to information, data, products, solutions, services and network. Advantage for financial professionals.

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    FAQs – Plans

    How do I sign up?
    You can sign up online here or through your regional representative?

    Which plan should I sign up?
    There are 5 plans available for you.  It depends on your need.

    • Academics
    • Standard
    • Professional
    • Professional +
    • Enterprise

    Can you recommend a plan for me?
    Please see below

    • Academics | For Professors & Students
    • Standard | New to Financial Industry
    • Professional | Growing Financial Professionals
    • Professional + | Successful Financial Professionals
    • Enterprise | Adding high quality research capabilities

    What are the benefits of Caproasia Access?
    There are many benefits.  Caproasia Access provides you with exclusive access to many products:

    Your Access

    • Newsletter
    • Jobs Center
    • Jobs Notification (2H 2018)
    • Industry News
    • Events Notification
    • Events Invite (2019)
    • Caproasia Updates
    • Community Program
    • Dedicated RM

    Exclusive Access:

    • Caproasia Passport
    • Caproasia Professional
    • Caproasia Institute Reports (2019)
    • Research Center

    How can I benefit in the short-run?

    • Save Time
    • Save Money 
    • Increase Earnings
    • Decrease Risks

    How can I benefit in the long-run?

    • Gain Professional Advantage
    • Gain Professional Development
    • Gain Career Advantage
    • Gain Career Satisfaction

    Why are there so many different products, access & benefits?
    The products are designed & arranged to provide you the advantage in the short & long run.

    The Caproasia Advantage | Advantage for financial professionals

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    FAQs – Products

    What is Caproasia Access?
    Caproasia Access is a singular access to information, data, products, solutions, services and network. Caproasia Access provides the advantage for financial professionals to manage assets or advise clients.  There are 5 plans:

    • Academics
    • Standard
    • Professional
    • Professional +
    • Enterprise

    What is Caproasia Series?
    Caproasia Series is exclusively developed for financial professionals who manage assets or advise clients.  It gives the advantage to financial professionals in Asia.

    • Caproasia Access
    • Caproasia Passport
    • Caproasia Professional
    • Caproasia Institute
    • Caproasia TV
    • Jobs Center
    • Research Center

    What is is a leading source of information, data, research and resource for financial professionals in Asia.  Collectively, they manage more than $20 Trillion assets in Asia in Private Banking, Wealth Management, Multi-Family Office, Family Office, Fund Management, Asset Management, Insurance, Private Equity and Hedge Funds.

    More than 14,000 leading Wealth & Investment Professionals in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, United Kingdom and United States visit every month.


    What is Caproasia Community Program?
    Caproasia Community Program is developed for financial professionals in Asia who manage assets and advise clients.  The Community provides opportunities to share, exchange, learn and grow among members.

    Caproasia Community Program brings together driven financial professionals in Asia in making a real difference in the financial industry and to clients.  

    What is Caproasia Passport?
    Caproasia Passport is an exclusive Passport for financial professionals, providing leading financial professionals with unrivalled access in Asia and the world.  

    What is Caproasia Professional?
    Caproasia Professional is an Intelligence Application for financial professionals who advise institutions, billionaires, UHNWs, HNWs.

    What is Caproasia Institute?
    Caproasia Institute is a Research & Development Institute.  Caproasia Institute conducts classified research & development for the global financial industry, economy and society.

    What is Caproasia TV?
    Caproasia TV is a multimedia production for financial professionals.  Inspiring financial professionals in Asia.

    What is Research Center?
    Research Center is a powerful research engine for institutions, foundations, asset managers, family offices, private banks, private equity, hedge funds.

    What is Jobs Center?
    Jobs Center is a dedicated jobs portal for financial professionals.

    What is The Caproasia Advantage?
    The Caproasia Advantage gives financial professionals the advantage to manage assets or advise clients.

    The Caproasia Advantage | Advantage for financial professionals

  • Company

    FAQs – Company

    What is Caproasia?
    Caproasia is a financial information technology company with a focus on research and development. Founded in 2014, the co. have 3 core businesses in Digital Media, Technology and Intelligence. Caproasia Series is exclusively developed for financial professionals.

    Visit for more information.

    What is the mission of Caproasia?
    Our mission is “Driving the future of Asia.”

    What is Caproasia DNA?
    Research & Education

    When was Caproasia founded?
    Caproasia is founded in 2014 with a strong history in research & education.

    What are the key milestones for Caproasia?

    • In 2017, more than 14,000 professionals in Asia and around the world uses Caproasia products monthly.
    • In 2017, we partner with global brands such as Financial Times & Morningstar, and only the highest quality conferences in the world focusing on investments, private banking, wealth management, private wealth management, family office & private equity. 
    • In 2017 globally, we partner with 20 Conferences in 7 Cities including key financial center, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney & New York.
    • In 2018, we expect to cover 30 Conferences in America, Europe, Middle-east & Asia Pacific.

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